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Notes from the Pharmacist

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May 2014 - Mental Health Week

Posted by Pharmasave Smith Drugs on Thursday, May 15, 2014,
How do you respond when asked, "How are you today?"
Most of us fall into the comfortable, but guarded, "Fine thanks, how are you?", whether we mean it or not.

How often have we responded with that lie, "fine, thanks" when we actually were not fine at all? How often do we wish that we could be blatantly honest instead of participating in that socially acceptable "dance of deceit"? Wouldn't it be nice to be honest enough to share any hurts, anxieties, or sense of hopelessness that we may be feeli...

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October 2012 - Mental Health Issues... Depression

Posted by Smith Drugs on Monday, October 1, 2012,

"Snap out of it!" "Get a grip!" "Just pull yourself together." "What's wrong with you?" "You just need to pray more." "You need to get out of yourself and give back to others." Some well-intentioned people have said things like these to individuals with depression. Rather than helping however, these foolish bits of advice hurt. Words spoken without proper understanding of clinical depression have made depressed people feel worse. Before giving advice it only makes sense to obtain some knowled...

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April 2012 - Allergies

Posted by Smith Drugs on Thursday, April 5, 2012,

"SPRING HAS SPRUNG... the grass is "riz"  I wonder where my Kleenex is!" 

Sorry for the questionable poetry, but with the spring weather, plants are starting to bloom, and soon pollen will be in the air.
ALLERGIES and ANTIHISTAMINES are very relevant to a lot of people, especially during the growing season.
ALLERGIC RHINITIS, often called "hay fever",  literally means "allergic nose inflammation".  Allergic rhinitis can be seasonal or year-round. An allergen (which is something that triggers a...

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November 2011 - Diabetes

Posted by Smith Drugs on Thursday, April 5, 2012,

The month of November is acknowledged as Diabetes month. Every November the world unites in support of a campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation to mark the birthday of the co-discovery of insulin – Sir Frederick Banting. This year is significant, because 2011 is the 90th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. The number of Canadians with diabetes is estimated to be 2.7 million people (7.6% of the population) in 2010, and is projected to rise to 4.2 million (10.8% of the po...

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