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Notes from the Pharmacist

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October 2013 - Pharmacy 101

Posted by Pharmasave Smith Drugs on Tuesday, December 3, 2013,
"The words just get in the way"
"Take this caplet 3 times daily on an empty stomach."
"Take this tablet twice a day, but not with dairy products"
"Take this antibiotic until finished" (but what happens if I have a bad reaction to it?)
Have you ever had questions about instructions like these? Have you always felt clear about what medicine to take and how to take it?  Often, instructions are given, but not always heard or understood.
Sometimes, we in the "pharmacy world" talk, assuming that we are...

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July 2011 - Total Knee Replacement

Posted by Smith Drugs on Thursday, April 5, 2012,

Is your pharmacist patient... a pain... or a pain?

Well, this pharmacist, Phil Smith has been all of these recently as I am currently recuperating after  TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT surgery. Yes, I am your pharmacist (along with the two Norms). Yes, normally I am quite patient. Yes, I am a patient of Dr. Woolfrey who has done a great job of surgery by replacing my arthritic bowed knee with a nice straight titanium one that can actually bend as well as straighten! Yes, ...

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