As your pharmacist, I want to encourage each of you to be aware that we at Pharmasave Smith Drugs & Apothecary care about you and your health. In particular we care about your understanding of how your medications work and how they affect your physical or mental health.

We care about you, your health, and your privacy. Everyday our dispensary staff prepare your prescriptions with the utmost care. The accuracy of each prescription filled is always our primary concern. Beyond that, we also check for interactions between medications. Often situations occur where we check with your physician about various important details of the drugs or dosage prescribed.
We also care about your choices of over-the-counter medications (drugs that do not need a prescription). Often these over-the-counter medications can have side-effects, can be abused, or can interact with some prescription drugs. We care so much that sometimes we will "undersell" or suggest that you maybe do not need to buy that certain item. We also care about what we choose to stock in our pharmacy. We try to stock medications or other products that have a good reputation or in our opinion have some evidence that shows that no harm will be done if these products are taken or used properly. 
We also care about the health of our community. For example, several years ago in our community, some young people over-dosed on Gravol which is used for motion sickness and can be sold over-the-counter without a prescription.  Even though we could sell more Gravol if we displayed it "out front" for the public to self-select, we made a conscious choice to put this potentially dangerous medication out of harm's reach. This allows us to have some interaction with each person requesting to buy it. Believe it or not, Gravol is misused by many people. Gravol can be addicting, and numerous people are hooked on it for the purpose of inducing sleep. If you have insomnia, please speak with your doctor. There are many causes of insomnia as well as many treatments.
This is just one example of how we try to care for you. The same can be said about the many situations involving people who are addicted to codeine products, narcotics in general, tranquilizers, or tobacco.
Pharmacists are the most accessible health-care professionals, often available to answer your questions without an appointment. Much of our time is spent in answering questions about medications. Often, we may be very busy, but we do try to take time to discuss your concerns. If you would like an uninterrupted opportunity to talk about your particular medications, side-effects, or issues related to your health, feel free to make an appointment for a "Meds-Check", which is a one-on-one discussion with your pharmacist in a private consultation office for 20 -30 minutes.
The role of pharmacists has been changing so that more of the technical aspects are performed by our efficient pharmacy assistants, registered pharmacy technician, and then checked by our pharmacists. Much of the role of a pharmacist is in providing medication information. Our pharmacists, Norm, Riyaz, and myself, Philip, are all trained in immunization and have been giving "flu-shots" this year in our pharmacy. We are all available for a "Meds-Check" appointment, as is our other part-time pharmacist, Mariam.  All of our pharmacists are available to answer any medication-related question, and remember that we protect your privacy.
Our goal is to be "the best drugstore in our community" by serving you professionally, knowledgeably, accurately and confidentially, all in a friendly manner. We are here for your health concerns. As well, Pharmasave Smith Drugs & Apothecary is a place where you can browse for the latest in ladies' accessories, jewellery and giftware, purchase or special order Christian books or simply mail a parcel. You are important to us. 
Sincerely, Philip A. Smith